The impact that the fashion industry has on society and the environment does not begin and end in the garment production solely, it’s much bigger than that.

From our warehouse, retail stores, to transportation, we’re considering all aspects in the pursuit to protect the environment from further water, air and land pollution.

5 Star Green Star Rated Omni Fulfilment Centre

The Omni Fulfilment Centre (OFC) is Country Road Group’s distribution centre and plays an integral role during the transportation of our products, from overseas to stores, or to your door.

Built in 2015, our OFC received a ‘5 Star Green Star - Industrial as Built V1’ rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, becoming the first 5-star green rating for any warehouse in Victoria.

The centre’s eco-friendly features include:

A sophisticated light metering and movement sensor to ensure lights are automatically switched off when there are no employees present, or if there is enough natural light.

A large 300kW solar energy system on the roof that generates 30% of the overall energy needs for the site.

The recycling of 95% of all boxes that arrive at the centre, saving 250,000 boxes a month.

88% of all waste generated on-site is sent to recyclers rather than landfill.

A rainwater catchment that uses rainwater for surrounding gardens and flushing toilets, making up 25% of all onsite water usage.


A lot of thought goes into our stores to keep you feeling inspired every time you step inside – from the product layout, music, to imagery.

There’s a lot more happening behind the shopfront to ensure our stores are reducing their environmental footprint wherever possible.

Witchery store designs are committed to driving energy efficiency and sustainability with:

Installed energy-efficient LED light fittings in all new and refurbished stores

Timers on shop front lights and sensors in back areas

Promoting cold water only usage in most stores and timers on hot water systems in large stores

Using paints with low levels of volatile organic compounds in all new stores and refits

Transit Packaging

The fashion industry uses a lot of single-use plastic for transporting product to stores, we want to help reduce that by approximately 350,000 plastic bags, over a 12 month period.

Before our Autumn/Winter ‘20 product launches, we’re aiming for all of our transit packaging to be sustainable, reusable or recyclable, we will also significantly reduce the amount of individual items packaged per order.

Our aim, is to help reduce the use of plastic for transportation by approximately 350,000 plastic bags.

Signage & Propping

We’re ensuring our signage and marketing collateral is printed onto recycled and recyclable materials like Polypropylene, which is a safer, more environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC.

Where possible, we’re also moving in-store signage to digital screens in new and refurbished stores.

All of our unsellable Witchery shoes that are used on our in-store mannequins are sent to recycling company Tyre Crumb to be turned into kid playground surfaces.

We’ve recycled over 1 tonne of mannequin shoes and counting, read more about Tyre Crumb’s work here.

To date, we’ve recycled over 1 tonne of mannequin shoes to be turned into kid playground surfaces.

Water Sources & Water Pollution

Witchery’s manufacturers must follow a stringent Environmental Code of Practice for dyeing, printing and finishing of merchandise supplied.

No dye or chemical used in the production of garments, fabrics, leather and/or textile-related products should present unacceptable health or environmental risk during or after manufacturing.

Read More in our Environmental Code of Practice.