Our considered designs and fabrications will keep you looking stylish no matter the season.

Every piece of clothing you buy and wear will have hadan environmental and social impact before it was even created.

By paying some extra attention to how you wash and care for your favourite Witchery pieces, not only will you extend their wearability and life-cycle, you’ll also help the environment.

General Tips

Read our general tips on how to be more eco-conscious when washing your clothes:

Wash Less:

Reduce the amount of water and detergent consumed to clean your clothes by simply reducing the number of times you wash your favourite pieces. Instead, let any odour air out or use stain remover on those small spots, this will also help your pieces last longer.

Keep it Cool:

Heating up the water in a washing machine takes up 80-90 per cent of the total energy in a wash. A cold wash cycle will significantly cut down the energy consumption each time you turn it on for a spin.

Avoid Dryers:

Most conventional household clothes dryers have a low star rating of 2 stars or less, according to Australian energy rating standards. Meaning they’re not very cost-effective or efficient and use up a lot of electricity, instead let your clothes get airtime naturally and hang them up to dry.

Green Dry Clean:

Traditional dry cleaners typically use hazardous chemicals and materials that are bad for the land, waterways, air and general environment. For those ‘Dry Clean Only’ garments, there are more environmentally-friendly alternatives to cleaning your pieces.

GreenEarth dry cleaners use silicone, a non-toxic, non-hazardous and gentle solution. Offered through a variety of service providers, look up your nearest GreenEarth cleaner.

Fabric Care

Keep your favourite Witchery pieces looking their best for longer with the do’s and don’ts in our fabric care guide.