Women's Shoes Size Guide

International Size Conversion

How to measure

With your heels against a wall, measure the width across the ball of the foot.


With your heels against a wall, measure the inside length of your foot. It can be normal for both feet to have a different measurement in length. When choosing a size, please base your shoe size selection on the foot length that is greater.

Heel height

Measured at the highest point at the back of the heel to the floor.

Witchery Ballet Flats

Ballets should only be killer in appearance and not on your feet. Our footwear engineers have been working hard to increase the comfort and wearability of our ballet flats for you in the following ways:

  • Softer uppers for flexibility and comfort: We use soft upper materials such as sheep nappa, kid suede and cow nappa and combine them with fabric engineering techniques to create extremely soft uppers. This reduces the amount of interlinings required inside the shoe, making the shoe soft, flexible and more comfortable to the wearer.

  • Thicker padding for longer wear: By including 6mm memory foam throughout the foot bed, the padding is able to return to its original shape and thickness whilst being worn. This maintains foot comfort over longer periods of wear.

  • Flexible insoles for easy walking: Including non-cellulose material within the insole, give the front of the shoe more flexibility making movement easier and less rigid.

  • Heel to toe support where you need it: We incorporate soft materials within our heel and toe supports so the ballet can mould around your foot whilst maintaining its shape.

Please try items in the comfort of your own home. If they are not right for you, you can return them to store or online within 14 days.
General Shoe Care Tips & Tricks

By following the below care guidelines you can keep your favourite leathers in top condition, keeping them looking newer for longer.

Leather Care:
  • Clean: Wipe away dried dirt with a soft clean cloth.

  • Polish: Select a good quality leather renovating polish in a colour that matches your leather product. To double check if leather polish is a suitable colour or finish, do a small test patch in a non-obvious area such as back of shoe or underneath the bag. If colour match is good, apply leather renovating polish all over.

Nubuck and Suede Care:
  • Protect: To increase lifespan of item, treat nubuck and suede with a good quality nubuck or suede protector before wearing. To see if the protector is suitable (especially on lighter coloured leather items), first test a small area in a non-obvious place such as back of shoe or underneath the bag. If colour is unchanged then apply protector to rest of item.

  • Maintain: To keep your suede or nubuck item looking lush and velvety, regularly brush with a suede brush against the grain to raise the nap of the leather.

If your shoes get wet, dry naturally in a warm area for best results. Avoid force drying with a direct heat source as this will dry out and damage the leather.