White Shirt Campaign

The Story So Far

White Shirt Day    May 08 2019

In the year 2000, Witchery and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) formed a special, long-standing partnership, with the main objective to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research and ultimately find an early detection test.

Launched in 2008, the White Shirt Campaign has been instrumental in helping the OCRF fund expert research scientists, innovative projects and essential research equipment.

Witchery is proud to be one of the only leading Australian fashion brands to dedicate all gross proceeds of a collection to a charitable cause.

why Ovarian

Dubbed the 'disease that whispers,'
Ovarian Cancer claims an Australian women's life every 8 hours, making it the leading cause of death among all gynaecological cancers.

Unlike breast and cervical cancers, there is no early detection test or screening. As a result, survival rates for ovarian cancer are far lower than breast and cervical cancers.

Funds raised through the sales of Witchery's OCRF white shirts will continue to support research endeavours to develop an early detection test for ovarian cancer that is non-invasive, cost effective and accessible to all women.

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Raised So Far


The 11th annual White Shirt Campaign launched with a new, bolder tagline: This White Shirt Can End Ovarian Cancer.

Drawing upon the dire statistics of ovarian cancer, the large impact funds have in medical research and the 8 inspirational female ambassadors to spread the message, the campaign achieved unprecedented media coverage across all channels - radio, TV, social media and magazines.

For the first time, the OCRF White Shirt range was sold at David Jones Elizabeth Street, Sydney and David Jones Bourke street, Melbourne.

Official 2019 campaign ambassadors included Ovarian Cancer Research Scientist Maree Bilandzic, Entertainment Reporter Brooke Boney, Media Personality Anna Heinrich, The Hon. Julie Bishop Mp – Politician Julie Bishop, Ovarian Cancer Patient Leane Flynn, Co-founders, Keep It Cleaner Steph Smith & Laura Henshaw and Actor Jessica Mcnamee.


The 10th annual White Shirt Campaign.
In honour of this milestone, campaign messaging hinged on the power and importance of the number 10 with 'The Power of 10' as a supporting headline to tagline 'This White Shirt Can Save Lives'. Ten white shirt designs were sold as part of the collection.

Whitehouse design student Hannah Green won the 2018 White Shirt Design Competition with a unique frill design in a semi sheer fabric.

Official campaign ambassadors included Model Samantha Harris, Actress Jodi Gordon, Channel 10 presenter Jessica Rowe, Channel V host Ksenija Lukich, Actress Maddison Brown; ovarian cancer patients Letitia Linke, Leane Flynn, Helen Powell, Jemima Leydon; and Witchery research fellow Dr Caroline Ford.


The ninth annual White Shirt Campaign launched. The campaign included seven specially designed white shirts from the capsule collection, as well as three Limited Edition pieces of silver jewellery were sold.

A shirt created by student Charlotte Rose Mastin won the Whitehouse Institute of Design White Shirt competition.

Official campaign ambassadors included Megan Irwin, Zoe Cross, Tahnee Atkinson, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Annabella Barber and Dan Single.


In 2016, Witchery launched the eighth annual White Shirt Campaign. A collection of nine women’s shirts and one men’s shirt were produced for the campaign, and for the first time, three limited edition silver and crystal jewellery pieces also contributed to the cause.

A shirt created by Whitehouse Institute student Nikita Schmid was the winning design for the White Shirt Design Competition.

For the first time, Vogue Australia customised a one-of-a-kind Witchery white shirt to auction on eBay and raise further funds for the OCRF.

Official campaign ambassadors included Didier Cohen, Megan Irwin, Cheyenne Tozzi, Yaya Deng, Natalie Roser, Chantal Monaghan and Margaret Zhang.


The seventh White Shirt Campaign launches, all gross proceeds from sales of nine women’s shirts and one men’s shirt went to the OCRF. The hero tagline "This White Shirt Can Save Lives" and the social hash tag #Whiteshirtcampaign were used to garner public support.

Whitehouse Institute of Design students Erin Haigh and Georgie Dunn were dual winners of the White Shirt Design Award.

Cheyenne Tozzi, Didier Cohen and the Stenmark twins Jordan and Zac were at the forefront of 2015’s influential supporters.

Official media partners: Vogue Australia, GQ, Sunday Style and body + soul.


Witchery launched the sixth White Shirt Campaign with a collection of seven white women’s shirts and two white men’s shirts. The social tag #uniteinwhite and simple hero message "This White Shirt Can Save Lives” helped gain widespread momentum.

Whitehouse Institute student Jaye Hensley won the White Shirt Design Award.

International model Erin Heatherton modelled the white shirt collection in a special campaign.

Official Media Partners: Vogue, GQ, Sunday Style, Body & Soul.


The fifth year of the White Shirt Campaign launched with the hero tagline "Life changing fashion, fashion changing lives."

Australia's most iconic names such as Carrie Bickmore, Sonia Kruger, Hamish Macdonald, Kirstie Penn and Jessica Gomes showed their support for the campaign.

Witchery collaborated with Project Runway Australia: the show's 10 remaining designers were given an opportunity to use their design skills to create a directional white shirt for Witchery’s White Shirt Campaign.

OCRF White Shirt Day saw supporters Unite in White on the steps of the Sydney Opera House to put the spotlight on ovarian cancer.

2009 - 2012

The White Shirt Campaign returns for its second, third and fourth year.

2009: Following the launch of Witchery Man, for the firt time the collection extends to menswear with two men’s white shirts in the campaign collection.

2011: Witchery supported the inaugural OCRF White Shirt Day encouraging Australians to unite by wearing a white shirt to raise awareness. Australian actress Rose Byrne was the OCRF ambassador in 2011 gracing the Madison magazine front cover in the June issue.

2012 saw the launch of the White Shirt Design Award in collaboration with Whitehouse Institute of Design. The first winning shirt design by student Holly Moore is sold nationwide.


2008, the year the White Shirt Campaign was born.

In an Australian-first, 10 of Australia's top models featured in the November 2008 issue of Madison wearing the five different white shirts from campaign collection.

The Early Years

2000 - 2007

In 2000, Witchery and the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation joined forces to raise awareness for the underfunded, deadly disease.

The OCRF’s primary mission is to develop an early detection test that ultimately becomes as readily available and habitual as a pap smear.

Witchery begins to raise funds for the OCRF through the sale of silver ribbons, the Exposure lip gloss and Exposure book.

2007 see’s the launch of the "Every Cloud" initiative with a collection of silver gifts and a unique, OCRF desk diary. 100% of gross proceeds from the sale of the diary were donated to the OCRF.