The Report | Issue 75
Style And Substance 2

“I want to bring
awareness and
support to women
globally towards the
research and early
detection of ovarian

“It’s scary how many
women around me
are suffering from
this disease, and it’s
important to create
awareness in any way
possible. The Witchery
white shirt campaign is
a conversation starter
that encourages
women to check in
with their health.”

“Women fighting ovarian cancer
should not fight alone. Let’s stand
together in our white shirts and turn
this around.”

“No woman should
have to suffer from
ovarian cancer, and
I want to help give
women back their
strength and their
power to fight this.
It’s so important to
me to help fund
research into finding
an early detection
test to save the lives
of so many women.”

“Great fashion is
not just something
that’s worn – it also
tells a story. These
shirts tell the story
of every woman who
has been diagnosed
with ovarian cancer
and they do so much
more than look good –
they make the world a
better place.”