Extend the life of your accessories with these simple tips and
instructions. As natural materials, variations in the colour and
surface texture of leather and suede over time are characteristics
and features to be enjoyed.



If the surface of your leather appears dull or becomes lightly marked, use a soft, undyed, dry cloth and rub in gentle circular motions to blend imperfections. Consult a leather specialist for a rejuvenation clean.


If leather footwear becomes wet, gently blot excess liquids immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Then, pack loosely with uncoloured tissue to absorb the moisture and allow to air dry. For apparel, pat dry then air-dry flat on an absorbent cloth in the shade.



Use a suede brush regularly in short, gentle, sweeping motions to remove any dirt build-ups.


Blot, don’t rub, excess liquid immediately with a clean, dry cloth before air-drying. Once dry, brush to restore surface.




Bags should be kept in the provided WITCHERY cloth bags to protect the surface from scratching.

Allow shoes to breathe for 15 minutes after removing then insert the correct size shoe tree to restore the shape.

Accessories (and Apparel):
Store in a well-ventilated
place away from direct
sunlight, avoiding rough
or abrasive surfaces.

Spray WITCHERY Water & Stain Protector evenly, using consistent, sweeping motions to ensure an even coverage.

Avoid wearing
light-coloured leathers
with dark-coloured
clothing (or vice versa) to minimise colour transfer.

Periodically re-protect and re-spray your accessory to resist daily soiling.

Specialist advice from reputable retailers is recommended when using alternative leather care products.

Consult an experienced leather specialist for cleaning of leather accessories and apparel.